We are proud to announce our new colocation plans located in our new flagship facility in Amsterdam: Iron Mountain AMS-1.

Note This is currently a pre-order, new colocation services will be deployed in November 2023.


Our colocation plans excluding full racks, do offer smart insights through our portal regarding power. Here is an example view:


  • All our colocation deals include an OOB VPN based on WireGuard to manage your IPMI free of charge.
  • Managed meaning that we provide connectivity in terms of power and uplink.
  • Access to the IMDC portal is possible depending on the deal.
  • Remote hands are available through IMDC or through our internal team.
  • Dedicated racks come with dual (A+B) feed as standard. There is no switching equipment by default, we can offer a basic managed Arista switch for €1000 setup and €50 per 4 server cabling.
  • Our colocation offers do not include transit, please contact us for a quote. Our commits start at 100 Mbit.
  • ERA-IX ports are available up to 100G as well. Transport to NIKHEF is available.
  • XC fees are €75 MRC and €300 one time.
  • Transit from Hybula and access to ERA-IX do not require a XC as our racks are next to each other.
  • Optionally we also offer 10G transport between our local facility and NIKHEF, with options to lease ports through our equipment (meaning you don’t need colocation in NIKHEF).


We have developed an easy to use colocation calculator. Why? All major data centers in Amsterdam do not calculate based on kWh price, but in flat fees including rack space. So for example, per rack the minimum commit is 3 kW. The price is €500 per kW. Meaning a rack is €1500 with 3 kW included.

In order to offer smaller scale colocation, we had to come with a formula to calculate the price. Why? Space is limited to around 40U per shared rack, power commit must be at least 3 kW. For example, it’s suboptimal to have a customer with 10U and just 100W of power commit (with 4 of those customers you have a full rack with just 400W power commit).

Click on the Colocation Calculator button below to start calculating!